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often drink fu tea, good health

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the reason why fu tea is widely loved by tea friends is that it is rich in "golden flowers" after being pried open, that is, "sacculus coronatus".

this peculiar "probiotics" is a unique golden yellow granule produced in fu tea. it is also beneficial to the human body. it is the same as the probiotic yoghurt after a meal.

many tea friends will be very worried that this is the tea moldy. in fact, jinhua is not the patent of fu tea. cordyceps sinensis, chinese medicine tablets and agarwood may grow on it. the scientific name of jinhua is called "sacculus coronatus", which is the speckled golden particles on fu tea.

jinhua is a kind of natural probiotics growing from fu brick tea under the specific temperature and humidity conditions through the "flower" process. in the national standard, fu brick tea is the only black tea variety that requires the index of "sacculum cristatum".

this unique "golden flower" can improve the taste of black tea, and is beneficial to health. it has strong effects of promoting digestion, reducing blood fat, dissolving fat and regulating carbohydrate metabolism.


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