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the feeling of fu brick tea in the mouth

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 tea flavor: it refers to the irritant taste of tea soup after it is imported. it includes flavor and bitterness. it is often described as strong or weak.

[aroma]: fresh leaves are produced in the production process, mainly produced by free catechins in tea. in the oral cavity, the palate, lingual surface, sublingual, buccal and pharyngeal sensations are obvious.

bitter, astringent: bitter is a kind of taste, astringency is a kind of feeling. bitterness is produced by theophylline in tea contents, and astringency is the convergence of delicate tissues in the mouth.

back to sweet: refers to the process of sweet after bitter taste is transformed in the mouth.

[fluid production]: refers to the continuous gushing of small bubbles in the cheeks, tongue surface and tongue bottom.

[astringency]: after tasting tea, the tension on the surface of the tongue and around the oral cavity is mostly the expression of astringency.

[throat rhyme]: after tasting tea, the tea soup brings the feeling of throat, such as sweet, moist and dry.

[smoky smell]: it is produced by artificial baking, and it does not mean bad smell. it has fire flavor. it will volatilize and transform with time and produce other flavor.

[sour taste]: it is produced when the moisture content is too high after rolling but not dried in the sun.

[green flavor]: it is produced due to insufficient temperature or time of sterilization, and "green fishy smell" may occur in serious cases.

[throat locking]: after tea tasting, the throat is too dry, difficult to swallow, tight and itchy. people will feel slightly uneasy and irritable.

tea gas: it is produced by the combination of organic germanium and polysaccharides in tea and dissolved in water. tea gas is easy to appear in old tea, often manifested as burping, warm body, fever, light sweat and so on.

[chen yun]: the charm produced by aging, which is often felt in the old tea with certain years.

[singing spring at the bottom of the tongue]: the highest level of producing fluid, focusing on the word "ming", meaning continuous.

[medicinal aroma]: common characteristics of century old tea. strong medicinal aroma is usually the highest expression of the aroma of old tea.

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