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drinking tea is life

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in my eyes, "drinking tea" means drinking tea; drinking is healthy; drinking is fashion; drinking is leisure; drinking is etiquette and social intercourse - drinking is all aspects of life.


many friends don't like to drink boiled water. they think that the water is few and tasteless. at this time, tea acts as a drink to quench thirst and refresh people. it is a kind of tea like carbonation, juice or any other beverage on the market.


tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide and other main ingredients with pharmacological effects in tea can disperse cold and remove dampness, eliminate greasy food, reduce fire and eyesight, calm heart and remove vexation, clear heat and detoxify, generate fluid and quench thirst, astringe pores and slow down skin aging. compared with regular consumption of carbonated drinks and mixed drinks with various additives, regular drinking of tea is more beneficial to physical health.


tea is a kind of material object in life. it comes back to replenish life energy. in addition, when drinking tea, people are more likely to calm down and give themselves a spiritual space to be alone. drinking tea is a process of re recognizing oneself and the world, and drinking tea is also mental health.


we can't see people are hurrying to and fro. but in the new era, we can remember the taste, the smell and the human touch of the old teahouses. in the streets and alleys, there are a variety of small teahouses with different characteristics, which are stubborn and warm in this new era. you can always step into the small teahouses open on the street, some bamboo chairs and small square tables. you can order any pot of fu tea, pu'er tea, oolong tea or black tea


in the old days, in the seventy-two trades, the tea trade was regarded as a meeting party. if you want to sit there for a cup of tea, you can sit there for a few hours. if you want to have a cup of tea, if you are sleepy, you will take a nap and sit as long as you want. it is the same in modern times. tea drinkers may as well make friends and walk into a teahouse as the local customs do. a cup of tea, sit for a few hours, listen to different tea culture, listen to the local customs.


chinese people are used to treating guests with tea, meeting friends with tea, and offering tea to guests, and forming corresponding tea drinking etiquette, namely tea ceremony and tea art. for example, if you invite a guest to drink tea, you should put the cup on a tray and serve it with both hands. the cup should be placed in front of the guest's right hand. when talking and drinking, add water to the guests in time. guests need to be good at tasting, sipping and smelling.


meeting relatives and friends, interpersonal communication, no matter how important a high-level meeting or an important meeting, everyone has a cup of tea, which shows a kind of respectful etiquette. with the gradual improvement of people's environmental awareness, more and more people like to take the most natural and healthy tea as a kind of most harmonious, friendly and meaningful gift for making friends.

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