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shaanxi fuyang baifu brick tea co., ltd.

first、baifu tea

       shaanxi baifu brick tea is made from anhua black tea in hunan province. it adheres to the traditional handcraft. the brick tea made by anhua black tea in hunan province is not only black like lacquer, but also orange red in color. especially, the golden flowers (bursaria cristatum) in brick tea are as bright as rape flowers by microscope, which is very unusual. from the long history, we can see the special effect of brick tea in the image of people drinking tea in the border areas of the western regions: "it is better to have no food for a day than to have no tea for a day. one day without tea is stagnant, three days without tea is disease. fu brick tea has been recognized as a healthy drink in the 21st century by the world tea academic and medical circles. it is praised as "tea of life" and "mysterious tea" of silk road by consumers.           

       after more than one year's exploration and development, shaanxi baifu brick tea has a very broad market space. people have realized the diet health and health care from their life. baifu and jingfuyuan, which are held by baifu brick tea, are also health tea products that are born in response to the market. the tea produced by the majority of users is recognized after drinking. shaanxi baifu brick tea is to promote the health concept of "drinking tea life, intangible health in it". this is also the requirement and hope of our company given by the times, which is also the inevitable trend of brick tea selling well.           

       baifu tea is also an indispensable healthy tea for modern people's fashionable life. jingyang fu brick tea is gradually recognized by more and more drinkers. jingyang brick tea has gone to the whole country and some of them have gone abroad. in the near future, shaanxi baifu brick tea will go to every corner of the world. the world has a "hundred rich", and the world enjoys good health.

second、quality certification
three、join advantage
four、join security
9 guarantees make it easy for you to be a boss

1、business district assessment:conduct professional business circle evaluation for pre selected stores;

2、regional protection:strict regional protection policy ensures the profit of each store and avoids vicious competition;

3、store planning:provide overall planning and decoration guidance for stores to be opened;

4、job training:provide comprehensive training in store management, service and sales skills

5、practice teaching:during the opening period, the company sent senior management personnel to teach on site to help franchisees operate easily;

6、supervision and inspection:supervise and diagnose the daily operation, management and performance of the shop regularly and irregularly;

7、material distribution:the unified distribution of professional raw materials and equipment can ensure the uniform taste of products and control the production cost;

8、advertising support:put advertisements in newspapers, magazines, internet, tv and other mainstream media to build brand strength;

9、marketing activities:according to the national holidays, we provide marketing activities planning, advertising and publicity planning for franchisees;






five、successful cases

shaanxi jingyang baifu brick tea co., ltd

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