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processing technology of jingyang fu tea

first:check the tea to remove impurities

the first step in making jingyang fu tea is to open the package and remove impurities, which is simply to check the tea. the pressed tea bags from anhua, hunan province were opened, and the tea was poured onto a large rectangular board. tea inspectors on both sides of the board manually removed impurities from the tea.

second:cut tea

the second step of making jingyang fu tea is to chop the tea, that is to chop the original tea. the tea chopper needs to chop the raw tea repeatedly with a big knife.

third:screening suitable tea

the third step of making jingyang fu tea is to sift through the basket, that is, to select the appropriate size of tea. then, the tea maker needs to separate the chopped tea into baskets and sieves, and select 5-7 cm of tea for reserve. the tea longer than 7 cm will continue to be chopped, and the broken tea and tea foam will not be used.

forth:prepare fermented water

the fourth step of making jingyang fu tea is to prepare water, that is to prepare water for fermentation of tea. then we need to take a certain proportion of raw groundwater in a certain area of jingyang, pour it into the tank buried underground in the afternoon, and take a certain proportion of groundwater in a certain area of jingyang, boil it, mix it into the tank, cover and ferment for 12 hours.

fifth:boiling tea glaze

the fifth step of making jingyang fu tea is to boil tea glaze. of course, tea glaze can also be divided into new glaze and old glaze. then, it is necessary to take appropriate amount of tea and appropriate amount of spare water. in the morning of congenitally, the tea glaze is boiled for 12 hours, and the glaze is called new glaze; the appropriate amount of old tea glaze is used for yeast effect, and the appropriate amount of tea and spare water are boiled in the natural afternoon for 6 hours, which is called old glaze. in the morning of the next day, the new glaze and the old glaze are mixed in a certain proportion for use.

sixth:weigh tea

the specific operation is as follows: the chopped tea is weighed with a scale, each weighing 5 jin is a pot.

seventh:fried tea

the seventh step of making jingyang fu tea is duanhulang, which is also called changguo and fried tea. then, the tea roaster needs to heat the iron pot to a certain temperature, scoop in a ladle of mixed tea glaze. the white gas in the pot will immediately evaporate, and the tea glaze will fully infiltrate the hot pot. then, the tea roaster will pour the weighed 5 jin tea into the frying pan, and then ladle a ladle of mixed tea glaze into the tea in the pot. at this time, the tea roaster quickly takes two apple tree sticks or mulberry sticks to stir fry with both hands, and the order is from both sides to the middle heart, and then from the bottom to the top, mix the tea and tea glaze, stir fry to a certain temperature.


the eighth step of making jingyang fu tea is to seal it, which requires good skills. it is about to paste a tea seal with a length of 1.2 feet, a width of 0.8 feet, and a thickness of 0.1 feet with multi-layer handmade hemp paper, which is sandwiched in a wooden or iron mold matching the size of the "bangzi". the potting workers sit on the side of the bangzi, holding up the winnowing store with both hands, and pouring tea into the seal to make it full.

ninth:compacting tea

the ninth step of making jingyang fu tea is hammer tea, also known as building tea, which is a very laborious process in the production process. then, the tea hammers should stand in the front of the bangzi and lift up a special tea hammer or tea stick about three feet long with both hands to hammer the tea inside the paper seal one after another. generally speaking, 170-300 sticks are built for each seal, i.e. 100-120 sticks for "lifting sticks" and 50-80 sticks for "crutches". stick technique is divided into "four ways", that is, four sticks are arranged from the front to the back of the clapper.

tenth:supporting mould

the tenth step of making jingyang fu tea is to hold the mold. in short, this step is a job that needs help. that is to say, when chucha workers are chucking tea, another person is "helping bangzi", that is, they are constantly helping to pick up the sealed tea, help to drill the door (that is to build the seal), help to switch the clappers to place the sealing shell and take out the tea seal.

eleventh:poke a few holes

the eleventh step of making jingyang fu tea is to seal it by hammering. in fact, the purpose is to reduce water content. that is to say, iron drill rod is used to seal several holes about 1 / 2 of the tea seal length in order to volatilize the excess water in the tea.


the twelfth step of making jingyang fu tea is binding, which is actually aimed at shaping. then you need to use hemp rope to cross tie tea seal after sealing, so as to shape.


the thirteenth step of making jingyang fu tea is to test, which is relatively simple. that is to say, the tea seal should be checked and sealed by the inspector one by one.

fourteenth:dry in the shade

the fourteenth step of making jingyang fu tea is to dry in the shade. in fact, the purpose is to volatilize water. then it is necessary to completely drain the moisture in the tea seal. it takes one month in summer and two months in winter.

fifteenth:grow golden flowers

the 15th step of making jingyang fu tea is to make flowers. in fact, this process is very important. so "hair flower" is the core of making jingyang brick tea, and it is also the key process that distinguishes jingyang brick tea from other teas. therefore, the quantity of "flower" is the standard to measure the quality of brick tea.


the 16th step of making jingyang fu tea is drying, which is the last step of all production processes. after the flower is finished, the temperature will be raised by 3 ℃ every day to 50 ℃ for 2 days, and then the temperature will be reduced from 2 ℃ to 35 ℃ every day, and then 1 ℃ to 40 ℃ every day until it is dried.

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