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shaanxi fuyang baifu brick tea co., ltd.

shaanxi baifu brick tea co. , ltd. was established in 2012, is a production, sales, service, research and development as one of the large-scale hand-built brick tea production enterprises.

baifu company covers an area of more than 4000 square meters, the factory environment is beautiful, the strength of enterprises. with superb traditional hand-made technology and the domestic leading tea processing production line, the company obtained the cs production license of the products of fuyang tea, forming an annual output of 500 tons of hand-built tea production capacity.

the company's "hundred sofi" "yuan", "hundred", "easy-to-polylong" and other tea zongyuan brand inherited the traditional exquisite craftsmanship that has been extinct in the land of luyang for half a century, with good drinking value and health care effect, for the north and south water and soil climate fusion crystallization.

after years of unremitting efforts, shaanxi puyang baifu brick tea co., ltd. won the "china." shaanxi puyang silk road tea industry promotion activities - into the great hall of the people" of the advanced enterprise title. baifu company's "yuanyuan" brand brick tea has won the "7th china (shenzhen) international tea industry expo black tea group silver award", "20th china yang ling nong high meeting award", 2014 "top 10 tea enterprises in shaanxi province", "excellent consumer trust excellent brand, "the 5th international wulin doo tea conference to participate in tea tasting", 2015 "excellent tea enterprises in shaanxi province", 2015 "xianyang city special products", 2016 was allowed to use global geographical indications to protect products dedicated signs enterprises, in 2017, "quality reputation a-class enterprises", xianyang city awarded the "city-level intangible cultural heritage" heritage unit, 2018 shaanxi province, "top ten tea enterprises" and other honors.

baifu company will always be people-oriented, product innovation as the driving force, brand quality as the core, to operate in good faith for the purpose, with the community sincere cooperation, and strive to create a new world of luyang brick tea, new realm, new vision, new glory! do "tea win the world."

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shaanxi jingyang baifu brick tea co., ltd

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address:china·south section of donghuan road, jingyang county, xianyang city, shaanxi province

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