15 06 2018

A Hand for Life: Charity Evening

Saint Nilo Square

07:00 PM

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There are various theories about the origin of the name "Valleluce". The most accredited, attributes the name to the Latin "Vallis Luci" or Wooded Valley. Valleluce is a fascinating place and a place of great historical and environmental interest. It was in fact, home to noble Roman patricians who gave life to the construction of the famous Roman Aqueduct, the remains of which are still visible. It was also home to five Great Saints that while living here performed significant religious works and miracles.

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The new Valleluce website aims to add value to our town, giving everyone the opportunity to discover it's historical-religious and scenic wonders, as well as the culinary, cultural and religious events that take place here every year (The Panemmollo Festival, Saint Michael fest and the famous nativity scenes built in ancient outdoor brick ovens).

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Here’s how we divided the site.


Historical journey of Valleluce,
from Roman Period up to today.


Landscapes, panoramas and
natural beauties of Valleluce.


Multimedia collection of photos
of places and event of the village.


Do you like the website? Do you
have suggestions? Let us know!


Special thanks to Benedetto D’Agostino, owner and creator of the original website, who allowed us to continue and improve his work. Special thanks to Sabatino Di Cicco for giving us documents and various sources. We also thank the architect Giancarlo Di Mambro for giving us the projects, plans and sections of the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel. Lastly we thank the Cultural Association Vagliù for collaborating with us.

Cultural Association Vagliù

The name VAGLIÙ is a homage to our origins, our Fraction, into VAGLIÙ is contained the love for the tradition but it also contains the will to make Valleluce a place to visit, discover, a place where you can live fully. We are proud to present ourselves like an association made entirely and on purpose by young people. Our mission is to enhance our territory and that’s why we decided to put inside our logo the line art of some of the main trademarks of Valleluce like the mountains and the bell tower that stands out from the building of the village. We gave our Association an innovative and creative imprinting in attempt to get people of all ages involved in every event.

How to arrive

Valleluce is 5 km away from Sant'Elia Fiumerapido, to reach our village you can get indications by clicking the link below.

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When should I visit?

The best periods to visit our village are:

  • Summer Panemmollo Festival and other summer events.
  • September Patron Saint’s Festival.
  • December Traditional Exhibition of “Nativity Scenes”.